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omg livejournal

now here's a site i have not been too since.... hell i dont even know.

I MOVED. well most of you already know this. but for those who dont im in new brunswick for the summer with ryan. i have a job working at minglers restaurant just up the street. im kitchen bitch. but apparently their newspaper and the military magazine are looking for people so im going to apply. soon.

my friend here, ange, is due to have her baby any day now and shes really excited. we helped them put their nursery together and it looks amazing.

last weekend we went out with his friends rob and laina. shes from austrailia ... and a doctor!! shes only 27 and she just decided to take a year off to live here. but they are moving back to austrailia in sept i think. anyway we had fun with them. we went bowling, played lazer tag and then saw the new indiana jones movie.

this weekend his parents, my parents, cody's parents and us are all meeting in mocton (hour away from here) to stay in a hotel and do dinner. just so everyone can meet. it will be random.

other than that i am not going to work today. i woke up with ryan this morning at 6 and realized that my neck hurt... you know that pain you get when you sleep weirdly... anyway at 8 it got a lot worse and i actually couldnt move. it took me a half an hour to get my cell phone which was ironically, just out of reach. so i actually called him and asked him to come home for 30 min. thankfully he didnt mind at all. hes so good to me! still cant move but at least im not as panicked as i was this morning. hahaha

also we had a fight the other night. it was pretty bad but then he showed up at work the next day with roses and made everyone i work with extremly jealous!! ahhhh hahaha

annnnnd weve been cleaning his place like crazy, SO BUSY were trying to sell his truck because its so bad on gas, 130 just to fill it up. we also have to go meet with a lawyer and an insurance company about our accident last year. im getting 2500 out of it but ryans suing for like 10 grand. though he was hurt more than i was. and it was his vehicle.

but yay money. the only thing is that ill get mine fairly soon but he has a long process to go through in order to get his.

anyway i better end this soon. i love being here. i mean the other day we just walked down to the river and had a picnic. and we bought a 9 dollar badminton set and we play it in the backyard all the time and its just fun. i made a few friends at work and it turns out that ryan is really good friends with their husbands and works with them. which is awesome for me cuz now were all double dating.

its a summer off from school and i couldnt have imagined it any better.

i miss you all so much.
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