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"It's A Shame About Raisins."

Amanda's World

11 April
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Well...I'm Amanda...as you might have guessed. Yay! From first glance, I'm one of those "ditzy blondes" -obsessed with clothes and make-up. But then, one gets to know me and I tend to scare them away with my "ME-ness" Uncontrolably hyper. Yay! But they always come crawling back. (not-so-yay) So, what do I do, you may ask, as they crawl towards me...I KICK THEM! Mwhahahaha! Yay!

alcohol, angry people, anime, beatles, being remembered, benny and joon, billy boyd, binx, blondes, boxers, boxes, bubble baths, bus rides, cars, cds, cell phones, chicken, chocolat, chocolate covered strawberries, choir, clare, clay, clothes, club, clubbing, coke with cherries, cow tipping, cruising, cuddling, dancing, day of the tentacle, disappearing-reappearing ink, disney films, dominic monaghan, drawing, dreams, driving, drunk geese, ducks, dvds, elijah wood, escaflowne, excercising, family guy, flashy things, flying, friends, from hell, fun, garbage cans, gary, ghostbusters, guy shopping, hard days night, harrison ford, harry potter, help, hey arnold, hocus pocus, homer, horse back riding, imagination, imagine, indiana jones, insanity, johnny depp, kuroneko, lightning, lord of the flies, lord of the rings, love, matt le blanc, micheal pahlin, modelling, money, monkeys, monty python, mr. krabs, muppet films, muttering, nightmare before christmas, obsessions, october sky, onomatopias, oxymorons, parties, patrik, penguins, people who fall down, pick-up lines, pink, pirates of the carribean, plankton, play-doh, poe, pointless holidays, princess mononoke, purple, receipts, red roses, regular shopping, rollerblading, sam, sam and max, sandy cheeks, school trips, sean murray, secrets, shiny things, simpsons, singing, skiing, spam, spirit, spirited away, spongebob square pants, spyro, sqidward, storms, stuart mclean, stupid things, sugar, sweeping, technology, teddy bears, to kill a mockingbird, tori amos, travelling, trigun, tristan, up stair falling, vash, weird al, working, writing, x-men